Thursday, 11 May 2017

Help! I'm Stranded Deep!

It was a stormy night me,John and Dean Ambrose were going to Hawaii. I don’t know why it was raining but it was raining. Then lightning struck our plane and it tore apart in a quick second. the pilots were  calling the Tower shouting  “Mayday!,Mayday!” and then BOOM! The plane crashed. me John and Dean Ambrose survived miraculously. Then i saw in the distance Bear Grylls and I said “is that Bear Grylls?” and he walked majestically through the fog and I said “Bear Grylls?” he said “Yeah” in my my head I thought wow! It’s Bear Grylls! And I said “Do you know how to get out of here?”he said not really” so we went to find shelter and we found one.

The area we found was very small but it’s a start!. “Let’s make beds!” I shouted then we found materials for beds. it was very uncomfortable and bugs were crawling around us.

The next day was very sunny because all the clouds disappeared and I woke everybody up and then said “I’m hungry!” so we searched for wood and rocks for spears for spearfishing. There was a lot of fish on the waters of the island so we went to the beach and searched for fish and Dean Ambrose got one then John then Bear Grylls. We used the leftover wood and rocks to make fire.Hours has gone by and I was starving! I said to everyone “I’m starving! “We all are!” everyone said in unison. So we did spearfishing again and cooked it again next we told stories and went to sleep in our uncomfortable beds.

Then the next day I woke and thought of how to get off the island and I thought of my dream. So I woke everybody up I said I have an idea and that idea was a dream. I dreamt we were skiing through the sea so I said let’s go to the plane but before that let’s eat breakfast. so we spearfished. So we got the generator and engine I said “Good work everyone!” and i saw an axe and I got it “everybody! get some wood!” So we went to get a lot of wood and we were thirsty so we found a river. Bear Grylls told us that it was clean because of his survival skills so we drank the water and we were not thirsty any more.

So we went and made a flat,strong,thick. strong enough to keep us up with strong strings of leaf ski out of wood. and the and made 3 more sets  for everyone and we were on our way to Hawaii but when we got there our reservation on the hotel we and Bear Grylls were staying on was expired.

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