Thursday, 7 June 2018

My Team Building Recount

Ok… It’s TEAM BUILDING!!! YAY!!! It was my first and only time doing it so I was tremendously ecstatic to do it.

So… In the morning I came to school as I said ecstatic! But I think the Year 8s weren't because they were just walking around in mufti just like brainless zombies. Literally! They were just walking around and sitting on the couches. Then I put my bag in the hook and put my shoes on the ground. A bit later I found my friends and we had a  conversation about which team I am in  ”Then they said “Check in Room Three.” So I went on my way to Room Three. I went in and said to Mrs Salu “Mrs which team am I in?” She said “You’re one of the leaders.” I walked out the door with happiness then I saw my friends and I said boastfully “I’m one of the leaders!” They said nothing.

After that… Rrrrriiiinnnggg! The bell rang for Team 5 to sit down on the street for team assembly. I sat down in the right side because the Year 8s were in the left side today. But still today was kinda still a ordinary team assembly except as I said the Year 8s are in the left side. Then… It’s time to say who the leaders were I felt really excited as I saw Mrs Sio say the leaders of the first team. It was a little bit abnormally ambient as I remember but still exciting.

4 Teams later…Mrs Sio shouted “The Leaders for Team 5 are King and Bethan!” We walked up to the front and someone handed us our purple colored sheet because our team color was purple. And that’s the story how I became a team leader and I really enjoyed the second and last days and being a leader. I felt really happy because I was a leader.