Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Final post for the year :(

Today is the very last day we post in our blog and keep our chromebooks for 2017. This year was my first year at Pt England and it was awesome, I was in Mr Goodwin's class for Litracy and in Miss Scanlan's class for Maths

My Highlights for the year was Year 5 & 6 camp, Athletics and Cross Country

I am sad that I am leaving Team 4 but I am excited to be in Team 5

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

My "Real" Story In School While Year Six Campers Are In Camp

One day in a peaceful school in Glen Innes. I was in school because I did not come to camp. And I did not regret it and since I knew what superhero’s I he dreamt that he was one. Then… BOOM! Batman came crashing down from the roof.

He saw my friend and said “King, I am here to train you as robin” Then he said “I’m not king he is” as he was pointing to me. Then we went and trained Every morning tea and lunch. I trained hard then The Riddler attacked, I hurried to the city and saw The Riddler on top of a building.

Then he saw us and battled which battle? A dance battle! We danced ‘till we were tired. We stopped and the people voted us for the winner and then we brought The Riddler to the arkham asylum.

After that we went back to school like nothing happened. And all of us went in cool-maths-games. Me and my friends played and had fun.

I really enjoyed the journey and being robin. And I would like to thank Batman.

Walt: Organize our ideas into a series of paragraphs.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Thank You for the Manaiakalani Film Festival

Dear organizers, helpers and Mrs Burt, Thank you for helping and organising the film festival. Thank you for volunteering for it.

The Manaiakalani Film Festival is fun and you get to see funny movies and present the movie. The Film Festival is not that complicated and it is fun to go there.

My favorite part was going back to class because of Mr Sommerville's Maniacal driving he literally almost killed us. And second best part is presenting the movie. And the third best part is going to the cinema Me, Tha Zin and a girl was in Mr Burt’s car and Burt was driving us there.

I enjoyed Presenting and going and coming back from the cinema. Thank you Organizers and Helpers for Organizing and helping.

Quality Blog Commenting On Manaiakalani Film Festival

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Free Writing Ep.1

“Hello” said jeff to his friend Ffej, Ffej is very mysterious and always not social but he always talks to jeff. Jeff is Ffej’s best friend so they talk a lot on phone and face to face.

Intresting? go read the full!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Word Search

Walt: include a variety of sentences types in our writing
Instructions: read the story of stardome then press the link to doc here and find the 10 words. then print

Task description: Make a wordsearch from the stardome story

Monday, 18 September 2017

Reflect, Rotate, Translate - Geometry

My Stardome Recount

Walt: include a variety of sentence types in our writing

On Thursday the 14th we went to stardome!. Star dome is a place in One Tree Hill and in side One Tree Hill is Cornwall Park and inside Cornwall park is the Stardome Observatory. Have you ever gone to stardome?.

So the bell rang to line up my mom was the leader of group 3, and me and venice was in the same group.
Then we went to the breeze and sat down. Then Mrs Tele’a came and spoke we went in the bus and me,Anania,John,Kruz,Hopa and Tevarihi was in the back. We sang and played ‘till we arrived then after a few minutes we were in Stardome! We sat down in the stone path. Miss Scanlan said we could play in the playground then we played, the time was up so we sat down. then a lady told us the rules and to be quiet because there was a meeting next door. The lady “you have only 10 minutes to play in the gallery”

So we got in and I looked at everything, it was a spectacular place with spectacular facts. After 10 minutes we went to the observatory. The lady told us more about planets, moons and time. And to tell us more about the planets the used a website called ‘Solar System Scope’ she talked about the goldilocks zone, the phases of the moon and why it happens so after that.

After that we went to the planetarium. The planetarium is a dome that has seats that makes you lay down to look at the ceiling the lady showed us constellations. And how we see jupiter and saturn. After that the lady showed us solar system odyssey. The movie was trippy and 3d my and probably everyone enjoyed it. Then the lady gave the teachers free tickets to use for kids and students. We went outside to sit down to get in the bus me and the gang again went in the back.

The things that I learned are how the phases of the moon happens, how volcanic io is, the things that people thinked about the moon. So the things that I learned have lots information. I enjoyed stardome and hope to be back again.

Task descriprion: Make a recount about stardome and what happened before and after

Image attibrution:https://www.google.co.nz/search?rlz=1CAACAJ_enNZ738NZ738&tbs=sur:fc&tbm=isch&q=stardome&chips=q:stardome,g_4:auckland&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjRtsCa16_WAhVEV7wKHSh6AI0Q4lYILSgA&biw=1366&bih=678&dpr=1&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=3LGI1cdy2n1IaM:

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Mars-One Project

Walt: make connections with what we read,and what we read before

Task Description: We are giving information about the Mars-One mission. A mission that sends people to mars to study and try to live there

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Cross Country 2017

WALT: structure a recount. 
Hi, on Friday (September the 1st) We did the Cross Country race. It was exciting and hot. Do you know how a Cross Country is done? Keep reading to find out.

I was in the year 6 boys and before the race I was really bored because it took long before our turn. The sun was out so it was hot. Me and ash played chopsticks. I asked for sunblock and applied it to my skin the spf is really mean. Then we were next I watched the other class go and me not finishing is a no-no.

Finally!, the year six boy got called out. We went to the starting line and got my feet already got muddy. Mr.Burt got the clapper then I was steady. Mr.Burt slammed the clapper and we were going. I didn’t know which position I was is the race i'm predicting 13th place. We went out the gates and we got muddy I was last place with my buddy. I ran ‘till the very end and I sprinted then spun in the end.

After the race I got a glass of water. I saw my friend John then I sat down. Then Miss Scanlan called room 6 to stand up and get in a line because it’s was time to go home.
What did I learn i’m glad you asked I learned to sprint to the max and what I’ll do different next time I’ll run through the muddy patches.

Task Description: We need to write and give information about the Cross Country.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

My Picture Book.

In 2139 Earth was being fried and i’m tired so we had to leave a we had to find a new planet. We were gonna go to space and it was ace. Me, Jayden and Venice were going to the rocket. Then we put our hands in our pockets.

The rocket was white and green and really clean now it’s time to blast off. They said 5 4 3 2 1 blast off!

Me and my pals were in our seats and we were listening to some beats. Our first stop Mercury Is the first planet from the sun. It’s hot and grey and the adventure began. We were exploring with my heat protected boots. This is a hot planet so it’s no good we're blasting off!

Next stop Venus the second planet from the sun. it is full of volcanoes and lava. The planet hottest in our solar system. This planet is very red “let’s blast off!” Jayden said.

We went past earth as we know it. It’s the 3rd planet from the sun. It’s really fried and very expired. We already know. this planet so it’s no good so we’re blasting off!

Mars is a red planet and lots of dust storms,volcanoes and that you may know. It’s the 4th planet from the from the sun it has water but air you can’t breath. This planet is no good we’re blasting off!

Jupiter is a gas planet so you got nothing to stand on. Other thing there is a cyclone is jupiter that’s bigger than earth. So this planet is no good we’re blasting off!

Saturn is a gas planet with beautiful rings made of dust rock and ice and it is nice. Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun. It takes 29 years to orbit the sun. This planet is no good we’re blasting off!

Uranus is a ice giant and it’s lying on it’s side. It’s a cold planet with 27 moons it’s atmosphere is made of mixed gases that’s why it’s blue. It’s the coldest planet in the solar system this planet is no good we’re blasting off!

Neptune is another gas giant and it’s the second coldest planet. it’s the windiest planet if you want to go there plan it. It is very blue and very cool but this planet is no good we’re blasting off!

Now were back to earth even though it’s fried at least I tried this planet is good we’re not blasting off!


Today we read about satilites and how they function; I made a satilite my self and told how it works! 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

My post card to earth

Today I was finished doing my postcard to mars and I was writing a letter to Jayden my friend. 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

My Space Story

In 2139 earth is perishing because of climate change. They had to find a new planet, they found Kepler-452b

Kepler-452b was in the habitable zone. The government was planning it for 10 years. Now it was happening, 50 rockets was made. It can hold one hundred fifty million. All of the earth’s population is going on the 50 rockets. I'm in the 7’th one, in 2139 scientists discovered body preservation. They made 7.5 billion of it. We went in our body preservers and blast off!.

After 14 years earth has landed in Kepler-452b. everyone was happy for one second… then aliens was shooting lasers. We were in a boulder, “We come in peace” I said. *Gibberish* the president passed a translator to the alien. “Hello!” said the alien people were astonished that there were more intelligent beings in the universe. Me and my mom said to the robots “build us a house” so the robots built us a house. Then… a asteroid was spotted by astronomers. They said that it would take 13 days until it hits kepler. We were all frightened.

We all scavenged for more food. We found more food and water we went back to the station. We gave the food and water. We all defended our homes because there were evil aliens the show up rarely. They stole our food and water but me and my mom had humongous supply of food and water. So we were not suffering now the robots have build all homes for humans. The evil aliens came back and we tried to negotiate. But they didn’t want to.

All humans came into a group and dance battle!!! We all danced like nobody’s watching and we won so they all went and we all were happy but there were still one problem the asteroid was more close because astronomers wrongly calculated the day that it will hit but I was hiding my superpowers so I had to put on a mask and I destroyed the asteroid with my laser eyes. Then everything was done and I was able to hide my Identity.

All of the problems are solved for now so we all lived good and no more evil aliens. The End.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Tech expo at team 5

On thursday,6 2017 my space went to the team 5 tech expo. I didn’t go to school because I was sick. But I heard some stories and examples so here’s my story!. So my space walked through the rain. Next they saw things that team 5 made. Some were innovations. Some were just really fun (from what i saw and heard.) There were shoe racks, headphones and a hammock!. And they probably went back to class(or just went home.) The End.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Matariki Recount

On Friday,23 it was Matariki. Matariki or Pleiades is a cluster of stars that symbolize the Maori new year. And in that day we had Sport,crafting,cooking and movie making.The first thing that we did was assembly. Then we went to our home class. Next everybody went to where they were supposed to be.

Miss Va’afusuga did the roll then showed the two students from another school. And then Miss Va’afusuga Presented us a video how to play Ki-O-Rahi. People didn’t get the game so Miss Va’afusuga explained it even more. So the people that did not get it know it now. Miss Va’afusuga said that last year they won the tournament for the game. And they were in pressure because they needed another team to compete.

So split us up into 3 teams called tahi,rua and toru (I was in rua). Miss Va’afusuga said that we had a game. Next we had to make a chant and we won so we had to play first.And after that game we had morning tea.

After morning tea the two students had to go so the teams were not equal. Then Miss Va’afusuga said “are you guys ok with eight players?” the two teams said yes the two students that had to go were in tahi and toru. My team had a bit of an advantage because we had 9 players and the other team only had 8 players.

We had games with only 4 minutes of play. the first game we won. and the other team had to go to the stage and rest. Sometimes we won and lost. Then… the lunch bell rung and we ate our lunches. Miss Va’afusuga went to get our shared lunch. everybody had a shared lunch we had chips.

Lunch was over and all of us went back to the hall.  Miss Va’afusuga did the roll like last time. Miss showed us another video for Ti uru. So we played it for the rest of the day then... Riinnnggg! The bell for assembly rang. All of us was already in the hall so went to get our bags. And the other classes came in to sit down. Then all of Pt England School did the Matariki macarena. Then we all went home.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Let's get inventing

The King Migz Glasses

This is The King Migz glasses. It is the new revolutionary eyeglass. It has many useful features, a GPS, night vision and many more. This is a project for our reports to show that we understand technology. It costs 1,000 dollars

Monday, 12 June 2017

Solve a fraction

Hi! this is what we did last week and I didn't have time to do it so here it is!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

24 Hour Digital Footprints Map

This is what Me,Mrs Grant and my class did. It's called the 24 Hour Digital Footprints map. This map shows you where I was in the last 24 hours.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Scary Story using a Picture Prompt

One night John had a night shift, it was his first time. John had slept all evening to get his energy up. It was now 12:00 in the morning.

John woke up with a terrible headache he reached out to his pills to stop the headache. Conveniently, there was a glass of water next to him. He reached out to get it. He swallowed the pill and then got up to go the shower. After his showered the pain was gone and he was relieved that it was gone.

John got inside his car and drove into a dark tunnel with flickering lights it was very creepy and it got more creepy when he saw a ghostly figure. The  ghostly figure slowly walked towards John. then suddenly it disappeared into thin air. John drove seeing the graffiti on the walls. He breathed a sigh of relief and drove to his work place.


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Digital Licence Assembly

On 5/30/17 the GOOGLE team went to our school (Pt England School) to give us a Digital Licence!. And Dominic Bowden went too! He’s from the XFactor And the Bachelor.

Then there was a game show for being cybersmart and Dominic was the host (MC) there was 3 tems the Dominators,Crushers and Smashers those 3 teams has leaders Stephanie for Smashers Martin for Crushers and Mr Wiseman for Denominators. The Smashers won the quiz and then all of the people in the 3 teams was given prizes.

Team 5 sang waiatas and we got pins and stickers.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

My swimming experience story

Have you ever done swimming lessons?. Team 4 went to GI Swimming pools for swimming lessons. We went there before lunch ended. I didn't really swim much but I swam once (But I got sick). Our instructors were Jed, Kat and Jess. We went swimming for 3 weeks. We walked to the swimming pools.

Every time we went there they talked about water safety. Me and the swimmers listened to the Instructor telling water safety. They talked about safety in rivers,lakes,sea and ocean. We swam for 30 minutes everyday and practiced the things that the instructors told us to do.  

I learned what the dangers of the sea,ocean,lakes and rivers. Because I didn’t know what the dangers were the first time. I now know how to go in the pool safely.

I feel that I know more about swimming and life jackets. I felt wet because people were splashing water to me. I was excited to go because I wanted to walk out of school and because it took half of our maths time.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

My Mihi

Tēnā koutou katoa!
Mihi ki te Atua
Mihi ki te Mate
Mihi ki te Ora
Tihei mauri ora!
Ko Maungarei te maunga
Ko Tamaki te awa
Ko Waitemata te moana
Ko Ruapotaka te marae
Ko Ukutoia te papa
Tēnā koutou

Ko Michael tōku pāpā, nō The Philippines ia
Ko Rosario tōku māmā, nō The Philippines ia
Ko King tōku ingoa
Ko 13 A Kawiti Ave tōku kainga noho
Tekau mā 10 ōku tau

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Help! I'm Stranded Deep!

It was a stormy night me,John and Dean Ambrose were going to Hawaii. I don’t know why it was raining but it was raining. Then lightning struck our plane and it tore apart in a quick second. the pilots were  calling the Tower shouting  “Mayday!,Mayday!” and then BOOM! The plane crashed. me John and Dean Ambrose survived miraculously. Then i saw in the distance Bear Grylls and I said “is that Bear Grylls?” and he walked majestically through the fog and I said “Bear Grylls?” he said “Yeah” in my my head I thought wow! It’s Bear Grylls! And I said “Do you know how to get out of here?”he said not really” so we went to find shelter and we found one.

The area we found was very small but it’s a start!. “Let’s make beds!” I shouted then we found materials for beds. it was very uncomfortable and bugs were crawling around us.

The next day was very sunny because all the clouds disappeared and I woke everybody up and then said “I’m hungry!” so we searched for wood and rocks for spears for spearfishing. There was a lot of fish on the waters of the island so we went to the beach and searched for fish and Dean Ambrose got one then John then Bear Grylls. We used the leftover wood and rocks to make fire.Hours has gone by and I was starving! I said to everyone “I’m starving! “We all are!” everyone said in unison. So we did spearfishing again and cooked it again next we told stories and went to sleep in our uncomfortable beds.

Then the next day I woke and thought of how to get off the island and I thought of my dream. So I woke everybody up I said I have an idea and that idea was a dream. I dreamt we were skiing through the sea so I said let’s go to the plane but before that let’s eat breakfast. so we spearfished. So we got the generator and engine I said “Good work everyone!” and i saw an axe and I got it “everybody! get some wood!” So we went to get a lot of wood and we were thirsty so we found a river. Bear Grylls told us that it was clean because of his survival skills so we drank the water and we were not thirsty any more.

So we went and made a flat,strong,thick. strong enough to keep us up with strong strings of leaf ski out of wood. and the and made 3 more sets  for everyone and we were on our way to Hawaii but when we got there our reservation on the hotel we and Bear Grylls were staying on was expired.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Fast Post?

Walt: Understand how communication technology changed over time and the definition of technology

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Now That's Thinking!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.25.03 AM.png

Here’s a question is a chair or a table technology? Well, keep reading to find out!.

This term we are learning about technology. In assembly we talked about Now That’s Thinking! Technology is something that is Human made and is used to make our lives easier or to solve a problem like a chair or a table Examples of technology are tables,chairs,laptops,pencil..

Mr Burt showed us old technology that we used in our school. Humans has made technology since the 8000– 9000 BCE!.

I think we will learn about how Maori technology changed overtime and i’m looking forward to it
and how technology changed the color of elephant poop to make paper

I’m excited about what Maori Technology has changed over time because I don’t know what was old Maori Technology is.

I want to learn about is how Technology changed the world.

Monday, 1 May 2017