Monday, 30 April 2018

Holes Chapter 1 Review

What I Did On Fiafia Night...

What I did on Fiafia night was...

On the 12th of April went to school smiling from ear to ear. Why you ask? Because it was Fiafia Night! It was was my first and last fiafia. Because it only happens every two years. And If your asking what group I was in it was... The Rock Band!!! and the song we played was Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. It was a really good rock song. Let's skip ahead to the performance shall we? 

So there we were at the side of the stage watching Kapa Haka get off the stage. The band get on them Dun-da-dun Dun-Dun Dun-da-dun Lenard our guitarist started it of then... DAN-DA-DAN DAN-DAN DAN-DA-DAN It was preeeeeety loud by at the end we had fun and our frendships developed Better.

Thank You For Reading My Story!!!.