Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Word Search

Walt: include a variety of sentences types in our writing
Instructions: read the story of stardome then press the link to doc here and find the 10 words. then print

Task description: Make a wordsearch from the stardome story

Monday, 18 September 2017

Reflect, Rotate, Translate - Geometry

My Stardome Recount

Walt: include a variety of sentence types in our writing

On Thursday the 14th we went to stardome!. Star dome is a place in One Tree Hill and in side One Tree Hill is Cornwall Park and inside Cornwall park is the Stardome Observatory. Have you ever gone to stardome?.

So the bell rang to line up my mom was the leader of group 3, and me and venice was in the same group.
Then we went to the breeze and sat down. Then Mrs Tele’a came and spoke we went in the bus and me,Anania,John,Kruz,Hopa and Tevarihi was in the back. We sang and played ‘till we arrived then after a few minutes we were in Stardome! We sat down in the stone path. Miss Scanlan said we could play in the playground then we played, the time was up so we sat down. then a lady told us the rules and to be quiet because there was a meeting next door. The lady “you have only 10 minutes to play in the gallery”

So we got in and I looked at everything, it was a spectacular place with spectacular facts. After 10 minutes we went to the observatory. The lady told us more about planets, moons and time. And to tell us more about the planets the used a website called ‘Solar System Scope’ she talked about the goldilocks zone, the phases of the moon and why it happens so after that.

After that we went to the planetarium. The planetarium is a dome that has seats that makes you lay down to look at the ceiling the lady showed us constellations. And how we see jupiter and saturn. After that the lady showed us solar system odyssey. The movie was trippy and 3d my and probably everyone enjoyed it. Then the lady gave the teachers free tickets to use for kids and students. We went outside to sit down to get in the bus me and the gang again went in the back.

The things that I learned are how the phases of the moon happens, how volcanic io is, the things that people thinked about the moon. So the things that I learned have lots information. I enjoyed stardome and hope to be back again.

Task descriprion: Make a recount about stardome and what happened before and after

Image attibrution:https://www.google.co.nz/search?rlz=1CAACAJ_enNZ738NZ738&tbs=sur:fc&tbm=isch&q=stardome&chips=q:stardome,g_4:auckland&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjRtsCa16_WAhVEV7wKHSh6AI0Q4lYILSgA&biw=1366&bih=678&dpr=1&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=3LGI1cdy2n1IaM:

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Mars-One Project

Walt: make connections with what we read,and what we read before

Task Description: We are giving information about the Mars-One mission. A mission that sends people to mars to study and try to live there

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Cross Country 2017

WALT: structure a recount. 
Hi, on Friday (September the 1st) We did the Cross Country race. It was exciting and hot. Do you know how a Cross Country is done? Keep reading to find out.

I was in the year 6 boys and before the race I was really bored because it took long before our turn. The sun was out so it was hot. Me and ash played chopsticks. I asked for sunblock and applied it to my skin the spf is really mean. Then we were next I watched the other class go and me not finishing is a no-no.

Finally!, the year six boy got called out. We went to the starting line and got my feet already got muddy. Mr.Burt got the clapper then I was steady. Mr.Burt slammed the clapper and we were going. I didn’t know which position I was is the race i'm predicting 13th place. We went out the gates and we got muddy I was last place with my buddy. I ran ‘till the very end and I sprinted then spun in the end.

After the race I got a glass of water. I saw my friend John then I sat down. Then Miss Scanlan called room 6 to stand up and get in a line because it’s was time to go home.
What did I learn i’m glad you asked I learned to sprint to the max and what I’ll do different next time I’ll run through the muddy patches.

Task Description: We need to write and give information about the Cross Country.