Friday, 19 October 2018

Thursday, 27 September 2018

My Performance

Reflection Week 9

How was your performance or share activity?
It's was fun, A lot of people were surprised about Lyi Sorn beating us up

What would you do differently next time?
Try a new skill and maybe do the same thing

What helped you to learn this new skill?
Nothing much has helped us besides Kung Fu basic videos and a lot of training.

How will you use this experience to help you learn new skills in the future?
Yes, Because it was very fun

Today we had a performance to showcase what we learned for the past four weeks

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Cross County T3W9

Walt: Take A Risk And Share Our Mathimatical Thinking. 

This maths activity is the last maths activity I will post for Term 3.

So this maths activity is based around Area and Perimiter.
So Lishana, Aneelis, Kerstien and I tried our best to correctly answer all of the questions

Monday, 24 September 2018

Will Being Rich/Famous Make Me Happy?

I disagree because people will track everything you do.

People will always talk about you and what you did invading your privacy.

And secondly people will judge what you eat, what you do and who you meet. And If It was me I would just stay inside of my house.

People will follow/stalk you on social media and IRL. Liking all of your pictures, following you on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

So it comes to conclusion that money and happiness does not make you happy.

Walt: Consider Both Sides Of An Argument.

Last week our teacher (Mr. Wiseman) Assigned us to write a response to the topic Will Being Rich/Famous Make Me Happy? So Here Is My Response

Thursday, 20 September 2018

King T3W9 Part 1

Walt: Take A Risk And Share Our Mathematical Thinking

Yesterday we had to answer questions about perimiters

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Revolting Stories

Reader Descristion Is Advised

A Long, long time ago a beautiful maiden named belle was strolling by the beautiful and green forest on the edge of the town but then a big and hairy beast kidnapped her and took her to a castle. The merciless beast locked her in a cold and malicious  room for 5 days and only gave her bread every 2 days. But the beast did not provide her any water but there was a window and whenever it rained she drank out of a loose rain pipe hanging out of the window.

But suddenly the door open so she ran out and shouted for aid but the beast grabbed her and threw her back into the room. She shouted and shouted for help. Then at midnight the door broke down, it was his brother and friends but the door woke up the beast and threw them in the room with belle. But one broke out and went to tell others. But while that was happening belle’s brother planned a escape to break the window and make a run for it. But the beast heard the daring plan quickly grabbed them and threw them in a big, yellow case. Where they quietly sat watched while the beast nailed thick slabs of wood on the window. But belle’s brother was desperate to escape the castle and made another plan. But after belle’s brother said the plan the door blew up and they saw the other brother that got out holding blocks of C4 and a AK47. But again the beast heard it and woke ut but the beast made a wrong decision because the villagers jumped him and they stabbed and strangled him then they walked out bleeding, bruised and traumatized but they went on ‘till another day

Walt: Use descriptive vocab to paint a picture in our readers minds

Today I published a story that i had made myself it is my take on the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast