Monday, 3 December 2018

Francis Pt.2

Francis Pt.2

After the incident had happened a investigative search team had used a large and cliché vessel to search for the body of Francis Brandywine in the middle of the night.

After about 20 minutes of searching, their engine spluttered and broke down. They tried to contact land but they had no signal, now they were stranded in the middle of the lake. They donned on their old and busted life jackets and then hoped for the best then just like Francis a still knock was heard, knock,knock,knock. Now all 10 of them were scared. They rushed to their engine to try and fix it but just before they can get their hands on the engine it was dragged down to the dark, pristine water.

A minute past, then 10, then 20 just before they thought it was over another knock was heard but it
was even louder, Knock,Knock,Knock. The floorboards were knocked up and threw a man overboard. They looked over slowly, and the unimaginable happened, they saw the body of Francis Brandywine in the water. They jumped back in shock and disbelief as they just saw the body but the body was cut in half with cuts and bruises all over the body. They looked again but the body was gone. After that a crew member found paddles and everyone was relieved and started
paddling. They paddled for about 2 minutes, but they didn’t move, they were anxious. They had no more hope and cried for help until they went hoarse. They tried to paddle again, then again and then again but no progress.

One crew member jumped off the boat to try and reach land. But before he reached the shore a slimy
and disgusting arm rose from the water and took the terrified man. But then the engine suddenly appeared and started. They quickly rushed to the engine and went to shore. They jumped off but before they touched the ground the same monster rose and took all of them.

Walt: ...

In the last three weeks had to make a sequel to a story by Dave Eggars named Francis Brandywine.

Writing For An Audience

Walt: Write for a range of audiences

This week we did a slide and this slide was all about writing for a range for audiences. Like 1-10 Years Old or 11-20 Years Old. Then we had to free write another story from our on range of age

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

T4W6 Paint Cans

Walt: To Present Mathimathical Ideas

This week we had to answer a problem about ratios.

The story was Mr. Vogt used 9 paint cans to fill the 24 jars for the students. Then last week he only needed to fill 16 jars. The question was how many paint cans did Mr. Vogt need?

Why Donald Trump Being President Is Ridiculous

Why Donald Trump Being President  Ridiculous

Why did Donald Trump become president? to have more power? To have more money? Or to buy more wigs?

Donald Trump being president is the best thing that happened to the U.S.A since phone booth stuffing! Well the U.S.A would like more gangs, more casinos and more Donald Trump Taj Mahals! 

2. Donald Trump trying to ban video games. What!? He’s trying to ban video games to try and stop school shootings! But I have an Idea! Don’t ban video games just ban schools! See, much better.

3.  Donald Trump trying to debate is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. He sounds like a 3 year old arguing with his parents. They probably argue like this. “Donald!” Mary Anne shouted
“Yes?” Donald asked
“Did you break this vase?” enquired Mary Anne
“Wrong. *Sniff*” Said Donald.
See, Donald Trump argues like a three year old but he still became president.

So now you see why Donald Trump being president is just plain ridiculous. 

Thursday, 8 November 2018

T4W4 Roll of the Dice

Walt: Monitor ourselves to complete our work.

Yesterday we went to the mat Miss gave us a problem. The theme was probability. We had to list out all of the possible combination on a six sided die.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Thursday, 27 September 2018

My Performance

Reflection Week 9

How was your performance or share activity?
It's was fun, A lot of people were surprised about Lyi Sorn beating us up

What would you do differently next time?
Try a new skill and maybe do the same thing

What helped you to learn this new skill?
Nothing much has helped us besides Kung Fu basic videos and a lot of training.

How will you use this experience to help you learn new skills in the future?
Yes, Because it was very fun

Today we had a performance to showcase what we learned for the past four weeks