Thursday, 17 August 2017

My Picture Book.

In 2139 Earth was being fried and i’m tired so we had to leave a we had to find a new planet. We were gonna go to space and it was ace. Me, Jayden and Venice were going to the rocket. Then we put our hands in our pockets.

The rocket was white and green and really clean now it’s time to blast off. They said 5 4 3 2 1 blast off!

Me and my pals were in our seats and we were listening to some beats. Our first stop Mercury Is the first planet from the sun. It’s hot and grey and the adventure began. We were exploring with my heat protected boots. This is a hot planet so it’s no good we're blasting off!

Next stop Venus the second planet from the sun. it is full of volcanoes and lava. The planet hottest in our solar system. This planet is very red “let’s blast off!” Jayden said.

We went past earth as we know it. It’s the 3rd planet from the sun. It’s really fried and very expired. We already know. this planet so it’s no good so we’re blasting off!

Mars is a red planet and lots of dust storms,volcanoes and that you may know. It’s the 4th planet from the from the sun it has water but air you can’t breath. This planet is no good we’re blasting off!

Jupiter is a gas planet so you got nothing to stand on. Other thing there is a cyclone is jupiter that’s bigger than earth. So this planet is no good we’re blasting off!

Saturn is a gas planet with beautiful rings made of dust rock and ice and it is nice. Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun. It takes 29 years to orbit the sun. This planet is no good we’re blasting off!

Uranus is a ice giant and it’s lying on it’s side. It’s a cold planet with 27 moons it’s atmosphere is made of mixed gases that’s why it’s blue. It’s the coldest planet in the solar system this planet is no good we’re blasting off!

Neptune is another gas giant and it’s the second coldest planet. it’s the windiest planet if you want to go there plan it. It is very blue and very cool but this planet is no good we’re blasting off!

Now were back to earth even though it’s fried at least I tried this planet is good we’re not blasting off!


Today we read about satilites and how they function; I made a satilite my self and told how it works! 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

My post card to earth

Today I was finished doing my postcard to mars and I was writing a letter to Jayden my friend.