Friday, 2 March 2018

How to save money

How we can save money.

Has this ever happened to you? “I don’t have any more money I need a spectacular article!” well it’s your very lucky day. As a result of this article you will have tons of money, just follow these steps.

One way you could save money would be to make a budget every time you go shopping. Therefore you could save tons of money for other things you need to buy.

Another way you could save money is by recycling trash you don’t need. Like a doll for a kid made out of cans, a drum kit made out of buckets and trash cans lids thanks to this you could save lots of sealife.

The last idea is to buy the clothes you like, buying the clothes you like can give you utils* so you wear it more often because of this you don’t have to buy more clothes because you wear it actively so you can save more money on clothes.

Thanks for reading! Don’t be afraid to test it out.

Utils: A measurement of happiness

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