Wednesday, 29 November 2017

My "Real" Story In School While Year Six Campers Are In Camp

One day in a peaceful school in Glen Innes. I was in school because I did not come to camp. And I did not regret it and since I knew what superhero’s I he dreamt that he was one. Then… BOOM! Batman came crashing down from the roof.

He saw my friend and said “King, I am here to train you as robin” Then he said “I’m not king he is” as he was pointing to me. Then we went and trained Every morning tea and lunch. I trained hard then The Riddler attacked, I hurried to the city and saw The Riddler on top of a building.

Then he saw us and battled which battle? A dance battle! We danced ‘till we were tired. We stopped and the people voted us for the winner and then we brought The Riddler to the arkham asylum.

After that we went back to school like nothing happened. And all of us went in cool-maths-games. Me and my friends played and had fun.

I really enjoyed the journey and being robin. And I would like to thank Batman.

Walt: Organize our ideas into a series of paragraphs.

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