Thursday, 27 July 2017

My Space Story

In 2139 earth is perishing because of climate change. They had to find a new planet, they found Kepler-452b

Kepler-452b was in the habitable zone. The government was planning it for 10 years. Now it was happening, 50 rockets was made. It can hold one hundred fifty million. All of the earth’s population is going on the 50 rockets. I'm in the 7’th one, in 2139 scientists discovered body preservation. They made 7.5 billion of it. We went in our body preservers and blast off!.

After 14 years earth has landed in Kepler-452b. everyone was happy for one second… then aliens was shooting lasers. We were in a boulder, “We come in peace” I said. *Gibberish* the president passed a translator to the alien. “Hello!” said the alien people were astonished that there were more intelligent beings in the universe. Me and my mom said to the robots “build us a house” so the robots built us a house. Then… a asteroid was spotted by astronomers. They said that it would take 13 days until it hits kepler. We were all frightened.

We all scavenged for more food. We found more food and water we went back to the station. We gave the food and water. We all defended our homes because there were evil aliens the show up rarely. They stole our food and water but me and my mom had humongous supply of food and water. So we were not suffering now the robots have build all homes for humans. The evil aliens came back and we tried to negotiate. But they didn’t want to.

All humans came into a group and dance battle!!! We all danced like nobody’s watching and we won so they all went and we all were happy but there were still one problem the asteroid was more close because astronomers wrongly calculated the day that it will hit but I was hiding my superpowers so I had to put on a mask and I destroyed the asteroid with my laser eyes. Then everything was done and I was able to hide my Identity.

All of the problems are solved for now so we all lived good and no more evil aliens. The End.

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